Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Red Bull Goes Social

Engaging a young demographic around their brand doesn't seem to have ever been a problem for Red Bull. With exciting sporting events and a loyal following, the brand truly has done a remarkable job in withstanding competitive pressures, especially considering the limited number of products that the company has to offer. Two to be exact (Red Bull and Sugar Free Red Bull) but who really drinks sugar free anyways?

So how do you take your brand to the next level and motivate an audience to absorb more marketing communications and to increase their exposure to your brand culture? Red Bull’s answer to that question was to incorporate Facebook Connect on a Flash driven website. The Facebook platform extension provides viewers the ability to login to their Facebook account through the Red Bull environment and effectively communicate with their own friends who are part of their Facebook community.

The feature allows you to comment on the site while having your comments simultaneously appear in your Facebook profile. It provides an entire social community to become notified and active within an environment that a trusted peer finds interesting. The value of such an offering has huge potential and I will definitely be speaking about it in a later post.

Well done Red Bull!

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