Friday, October 31, 2008

Ad Gallery of Horrors

In a few hours the streets will be cluttered with little ghouls and goblins tricking and treating for candies and treats. Confectionery companies begin prepping for this day months in advance in anticipation of the gold rush that October 31st brings.

Although the spirit of the event extends much further than just to children and the one night of door to door visits. In fact, many adults, including myself look forward to this day. A day where changing your identity is only limited by your own imagination and creativity is nurtured and rewarded.

Many marketers realize the effect that this yearly event has on people both young and old and try to capitalize on this time as an opportunity to have some fun and let the creative juices flow.

In the "spirit" of Halloween, here are some great ads from around the globe.

Happy Halloween everyone and make sure to look out for kids on the streets!

Catalonian National Theatre: Heart


heineken halloween

MovieStar Skeletons

Burger King

This Halloween Don't Drink and Drive

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