Friday, October 3, 2008

Are You Who You Think You Are?

In the last post I spoke about the importance of personal branding and the sociological considerations when attempting to communicate your key personal brand attributes. Once you've become active and have begun to establish yourself, how do you know that what you've been communicating is actually what people have been absorbing?

This is a fundamental question to ask when evaluating brand communications although many of us do not take the time to understand these measures and to identify where the gaps lie. I found a simple tool that helps you describe your personal brand. It's called 360 Reach and can be a pretty powerful tool if used properly.

It asks a few short questions including one that asks you to select 10 brand attributes (from an extensive list) that best describe you. The results provide a little twist that help you to immediately identify some of your own perceptual gaps with the option to send the same questionnaire to your clients and/or colleagues to better understand how your personal brand is perceived through their eyes.

The questionnaire is free with a premium pay option to send the test to others. It's a quick, cheap and effective way to identify some areas for improvement towards strengthening your brand.

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