Friday, October 10, 2008

Can I Vote? How Voting Can Make the Internet Better

Creating compelling blog posts can be a challenge. What do you write about that people actually care to read? Given all that is going on in the news nowadays with financial crisis, wars and elections it’s difficult to capture the attention of readers through all of the distractions.

I recently came across a short instructional video on how web content writers can use Google Trends to drive traffic to their websites. The concept is broken down into what is called the Trends Traffic Formula and is based on the premise that content can be created based on what people are searching for on the web. What a great concept!

So how can voting make the internet a better place, you ask? In an attempt to test the concept I used the Google Trends tool to find terms that people are currently searching for and found that "Can I Vote" ranked rather high. Considering U.S. presidential and Canadian Prime Minister candidates have been tapping into the social media world as part of their communication strategies, I figured this would be a good long tailed keyword to evaluate the effectiveness of this approach.

In essence, such an exercise allows content editors to gain a better understanding of what people are actively searching for and are interested in finding. It is a form of high level market research that is non intrusive and is providing what people want without them even knowing that they've actually asked for it.

Web users are providing valuable answers into what it is that they want and this is always what marketers are looking for. In the end, web users are finding what they're looking for and marketers are giving them what they want (hopefully).

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