Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Artists for True Patriot Love Foundation

A recent program managed by FUSE called upon Canadian artists from coast to coast to transform military helmets resembling those worn in combat into works of art. Participants were simply asked to apply their unique vision to demonstrate their support or that of their community of our Canadian troops and their respective families.

The helmets which were designed and donated by the artists were then sold as part of a silent auction at the True Patriot Love Tribute Dinner on November 10, 2009. All proceeds went to the True Patriot Love Foundation in support of military families (www.truepatriotlovefoundation.com).

The program was an overwhelming success with dozens of entries and some very high quality work which must have taken a ton of effort. Over $68,000 was raised from the initiative and will certainly go a long way to supporting a great cause!

Here are some samples of the work while you may see the entire collection on True Patriot Love's Flickr photostream


I simply wanted to take this opportunity to thank all those who contributed and to wish our military and their families well as they continue to endure the many challenges they encounter!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Congratulations Mike Preston!

I understand my recent blog posts have not been as frequent as I would like them to have been, although I feel that the topic of this post is certainly worth sharing and so I begin...

Throughout one's career, one is exposed to only a handful of mentors who serve as a positive influence in guiding them down the right path. Luckily at FUSE I have been given the privilege to work with a few of those types of people. One of them goes by the name of Mike Preston who is Chair of FUSE Marketing Group and has made many contributions to the marketing industry throughout his over 30 years in the business.

He has built an impressive list of accomplishments and has recently been recognized for his efforts via his induction as only the 20th member (and 1st Canadian) into the MAW Worldwide Hall of Fame.

It is a well deserved award and I would like to congratulate Mr. Preston, who is an inspiration to all of us who know him!