Monday, November 10, 2008

Google Analytics Has Grown Up

I was digging around reviewing some traffic data in Google Analytics when I noticed a few new changes. The old and constrained Google Analytics that we once knew has decided to pick up its game. Traditionally GA has been a great tool for providing high level insights at a quick glance. The no cost price tag along with its ease of use make it a great low cost option for those looking to gain some insight about their site. Although, the tool has had its limitations in respect to the richness of insights that users could extrapolate from the data.

Google Analytics does offer some interesting things that you can do with it with relative ease although in comparison to fee based tools, there certainly were (and continue to be) some areas for improvement.

A couple of the key areas where Google Analytics lacked were in being able to provide a sophisticated custom reporting option as well providing the ability to drill down deeper based on various site segments. The tool now provides users with the ability to gain deeper context into the data which will provide valuable insights and ultimately more actionable results.

Custom Reporting

Advanced Segmentation

Visit Avinash Kaushik's Occam's Razor for an in-depth review of the step by step process.

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